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Nevada 150 Foundation, Inc. (the “Foundation” or “NV 150 Foundation”) was formed to work with and assist the State of Nevada and its Nevada Sesquicentennial Commission in connection with the organization, production, and presentation of celebratory events including educational projects for the benefit of Nevada’s citizens and school children. By proclamation of the Honorable Brian Sandoval, Governor of the State of Nevada, through Executive Order 2013-02, the Nevada Sesquicentennial Commission (the “Commission”) was created to assist the State in the planning and coordination of events and projects to celebrate the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of Nevada’s admission to the Union. Further, by Concurrent Resolution of the Senate and Assembly of the Nevada Legislature, the Nevada Legislature has declared the year spanning October 31, 2013 through October 31, 2014 as the official Sesquicentennial year for the State of Nevada.

The NV 150 Foundation was specifically created to support the State of Nevada in these endeavors by four members of the Commission. Due to the difficult economic times, no State monies are being allocated to fund the work of the Commission and its related projects and undertakings. Instead, the Governor has expressly authorized the Commission to associate with suitable non-profit entities and other partners for the purpose of raising funds through private donations and to seek private grants for use in funding the Commission’s activities and staffing, including the funding of authorized Sesquicentennial events and educational projects. The NV 150 Foundation works hand-in-hand with the Commission to solicit funds from private donors to cover these expenses and to help facilitate celebratory events and State-sponsored projects, and to make appropriate grant requests to other entities and persons who are suitable for making grants that may be used for such purposes.

While the Commission will be working with other governmental units throughout the State of Nevada to help organize, publicize, and present celebratory events relating to Nevada’s Sesquicentennial and its history, its primary focus is upon education of Nevada’s citizens and, in particular, the youth of Nevada regarding the richness of Nevada’s history and culture. While numerous activities and events are planned, the signature event of the Sesquicentennial Celebration is planned to be the equipping of a mobile museum display by the Nevada Division of Museums and History, with the assistance of the Nevada Department of Education and other State agencies, that will travel throughout the State of Nevada during the Sesquicentennial year visiting schools and virtually every community within the State of Nevada. The Commission will work with local communities, non-profit organizations, fraternal groups, and educational institutions to develop events and projects in connection with each stop of the mobile museum throughout the State of Nevada. No less than 150 stops and displays by the mobile museum are planned during the Sesquicentennial year.

In addition to funding the costs of the mobile museum, the Commission will need the assistance of the NV 150 Foundation to raise funds for other projects that have been identified as legacy or signature events of the Nevada Sesquicentennial. Projects under discussion include refurbishment and replacement of State roadside historical markers with the assistance of the State of Nevada Historical Preservation Office, the publication of an official Nevada Sesquicentennial book (the sales of which will benefit Nevada schools and libraries), the development of educational programs for Nevada students which highlight and teach Nevada history, and, if possible, the acquisition of appropriate historical artifacts for donation to the State of Nevada and, in particular, the Nevada Division of Museums and History.

It is anticipated that virtually all of the activities of the Commission which require support and assistance by the NV 150 Foundation will be conducted during the years of 2013 through 2014, as planning, organization, presentation, wind-down and completion of the Sesquicentennial’s celebrations are completed. Any funds remaining after the Sesquicentennial celebrations are completed will be paid over to the Nevada Cultural Affairs Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that supports the State of Nevada Division of Museums and History.

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